We are a lovely and family-owned restaurant. At WOK cuisine we are committed to provide you fabulous Chinese food in decent price. Come checking out our seasonal special dishes. Come by whenever you can and find out for yourself how delicious it is. Please give us a call if you are unable to find us. We promise you gourmet that you won't forget.


We are open 11am-9pm Mon-Thu, 11:00am-9:30pm Fri-Sat. SUNDAY is closed.



2860 Cerrillos Rd #A2
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phoe: (505) 424-8126


Tired of traditional Chinese food? Check out our special dishes. Please call us to make a special order.

Sepcial dish 1
Sepcial dish 2
Sepcial dish 3
Sepcial dish 4
Sepcial dish 5
Sepcial dish 6
Sepcial dish 7
Sepcial dish 8
Sepcial dish 9

Come in and enjoy our delicious food and bring your friends. Hope to see you soon!

Or download a full menu pdf HERE.

We locate at 2860 Cerrillos Rd #A2, Santa Fe. The place is at east-north corner of Gardenswartz Plaza. We are open 11am-9pm Mon to Thu, 11:00am-9:30pm Fri to Sat. SUNDAY is closed. Please call us at 505-424-8126 for more information.